The most frequently asked questions. If you still have a question, please reach out to us at any time.

How Do I Sign Up?

We’ve made our sign up process extremely easy. Just click any of the links through out the site that say sign up, get started or join and follow the steps going forward. You will decide what package you’d like to sign up for and then will be prompted to register your account with us.

After I Sign Up, How Long Does It Take For Hypd To Get Started Growing My Business?

As soon as you register an account with us we immediately begin working to setup your team and assign you your own personal account concierge. Your account concierge will be in charge of getting you setup on our client portal as well as managing your team. They will be your point of contact going forward.

How Does Hypd Prove Results?

We prove our results by providing you detailed analytics reports of our progress and by allowing you to see real time updates on our client portal. 

Can I Cancel at Anytime?

Yes, you may cancel at anytime prior to the start of the new month. Once we charge for the month our team is already scheduled to work and we will require for your account to end at the start of the next month.

Will I Receive Analytic Reports?

Yes. We constantly report our progress back to you showing you growth, traffic, engagement, & more types of metrics so you know exactly how we’re doing. 

Do I Get My Own Team Working For Me?

Yes. When you sign up for a service with us we put together a team that will be assigned your account. They will handle all of your services, will have a deep understanding of your business, and report back to your account manager with their progress and results. Your account manager will be your point of contact between you and your team and will handle all of your requests or concerns.

What Does The Dashboard Include?

The dashboard will be an overview for your account and services. You will be able to see analytics from your accounts that we manage, as well as having access to a number of features that will help you and your team always stay on the same page. 

If I Cancel Do I Get To Keep My Free Website and Logo?

The logo you will have immediate ownership of, however with the website we require a client to stay with us for at least 6 months to release total ownership of their custom built website.

What Platforms Does Hypd Manage?

The platforms we manage are, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google My Business, Bing Ads, and WordPress.

Will I have My Own Account Manager?

Yes. Each account receives their own account manager who will manage their team and be the main point of contact for every client of ours. They will have a deep understanding of your account, team and business.

How Do I Track My Account and Progress?

When you sign up with us we provide you a personal login to our dashboard. Through which you will be able to keep up with your account analytics and see our work.

If I Want To Add Services Later Can I and Still Receive the Discount?

Absolutely! Whenever you setup an account with us we want you to utilize all of the services that we have to offer without being a burden on your budget. Thats why our package bundles are discounted. The more you bring under our roof, the bigger the discount.


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