7 Key Elements Your Content Strategy Might Be Missing

Hypd Team

August 27, 2020

While the market is brimming with a myriad of brands, research shows that the bulk of businesses don’t follow a well-defined content marketing strategy. Creating first-rate content is crucial, but developing a solid content marketing strategy is equally important. So, what exactly is quality content? Great content is the one that can reach your target audiences, engage with them, and transform them into potential buyers. To make this possible, you must have a strong content marketing strategy in place that includes all the tactics necessary to drive your brand toward success.

In today’s digital era, content is 100% the indisputable king. But, if your content fails to deliver the desired results in terms of engagement, traffic, and conversions despite being top-notch, this clearly means that your content marketing strategy is not up to the mark. If your brand has a well-documented and goal-oriented marketing strategy, it is likely to perform way more effectively than your competitors with a poor or no content marketing strategy. Incidentally, only having a content marketing strategy will not suffice. The reason being, most content marketing strategies, in the long run, fall short of certain components that are critical to their success. Here are 7 key elements your content strategy might be missing:

1. Minimizing Pages & Steps with Links to Relevant Information:

You can consider your content well marketable only if your readers can easily access the information you want to provide them with through your content. Using links for the same is certainly a great way to do so, which is not promotional. This helps your prospects find the information they are looking for easily without the need of going through multiple pages or steps that may up your odds of losing them.

2. Giving Limited-Time Offers:

You may have many potential customers, but most of them might be looking for some incentives to follow you, especially on social platforms. So to entice them, you can consider giving them offers that they cannot simply refuse – such as discount coupons on the next purchase, direct discounts, and so on. Consider it good or bad, the majority of buyers have the tendency to buy only during “sales.” So keep these offers only for a limited time as, without a time restriction, it would be tough for you to cover your costs.

3. Providing Contact Information of Your Business:

You may have great content – better than what most of your competitors have on their websites. But, if your prospects are not able to contact you easily, you may lose out on them big time, and that too without even realizing it. Therefore, it is recommended to add your contact details like email ids, contact numbers, business addresses, etc. to your content as this will help your readers take the next steps after going through your content.
Moreover, people are usually more inclined to buy from a brand, which gives them purchase-specific flexibility. Therefore, make sure to include social handle links, fax numbers, or anything else, depending on the nature of your business, so that your potential customers can buy from you in any way they like to purchase.

4. Maintaining Buyer Personas:

It is a must-have component of your content marketing strategy. A buyer persona defines “who” you are targeting to. It also provides the necessary context you need while weaving stories during the content development process. Remember that your target audience wants your content to be optimized according to their common interests. Hence, keeping buyer personas in mind while crafting a piece of content helps you make your content more focused and spot on.

5. Social Media Optimization:

Sharing your content on social media is now even more important than ever. And, it is perhaps the most gratifying way to market your content. Note that some people may not click the “share” icon on social platforms after reading your content and there might be a few, who will not go through your content before sharing it with others. But, in either case, the chances of getting your content read by social media users would be higher than not sharing them on social at all. It is also suggested to always include social media icons in your content. In fact, these must be present both at the beginning and end of your content.

6. Non-Digital Sharing:

Amid all the social media hype, content marketers often forget the most basic type of content marketing tool – offline sharing, i.e., print media to market the content. Only a few marketers today make use of this channel, majorly because it’s seemingly more complex than social media. Another reason is the additional cost associated with print media for processes like production, editorial, and so forth – which is not the case with social media. However, research suggests that the likelihood for content to be read and shared by people on social websites is less than people actually taking actions after reading the same content on magazines. To be honest, social media is so saturated with competition that you can capitalize on this “old-school” way of marketing that still performs better than many social platforms.

7. Influencers:

Influencers are a great way to leverage your content. Since influencers already have a huge following and an established audience, whatever they share and engage with quickly gets the expected attention. Make them part of your content marketing strategy to boost the visibility and reach of your content. Influencers will help you reap multiple benefits like more traffic, better leads, and higher conversion rates – all contributing to the success of your brand. The elements discussed above will surely help you fill the gaps in your existing content marketing strategy. Moreover, if you are starting from scratch, these will come in handy in coming up with a winning content marketing strategy.

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